Oman’s Ministry of Health officials have advised the public not to pay heed to rumours about exempting staff from coming to their workplaces.

There is no such development prohibiting movement of employees to workplace, the officials clarified. Last week Oman’s Supreme Committee said it had banned gatherings until further notice.

The ban, effective from January 28, applies to all kinds of group gatherings across the Sultanate and includes international events, activities and conferences that were scheduled to happen in Oman.

Accordingly the colleges, universities and schools, which had opened for direct education as part of the blended education method, have also been closed. With this ruling, all group activities be it academic or social or sport, remain suspended till a further announcement is made by the Supreme Committee.

The Committee also advised all citizens and residents to avoid travelling abroad in the near future, except in cases of extreme emergency.

The precautionary steps follows the study conducted by the Supreme Committee on the number of COVID-19 cases in Oman, as well as the ones admitted in hospital and also in intensive care units.